RivaTuner 2.08 para descarga

Soporte full para Geforce 9600GT


Desde Guru3D no llega el famosos programa para overclock de VGAs, esta nueva versión incorpora como gran novedad el soporte para la nueva Geforce 9600GT.


  1. RivaTuner no longer crashes when RivaTuner module activation launcher item is scheduled to run at Windows startup.
  2. Fixed association between low-level refresh overrider rules and target display adapter, broken due to low-level profiles association related changes in the previous version.
  3. Minor UI and localization fixes.

Lo nuevo:

  1. Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added database for ForceWare 169.44.
  2. Added Catalyst 8.3 drivers detection.
  3. Updated Catalyst 8.3 certified SoftR9x00 patch script (for Windows 2000/XP drivers only).
  4. Updated PCI DeviceID database for ATI graphics processors. Added PCI DeviceID for RADEON HD 3850 AGP.
  5. Improved G94 graphics processors support. Thanks to Jurgen in ‘t Zandt @ Point of View for providing NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT sample for testing. The list of G94 related improvements includes:- Added low-level fan control support for integrated PWM controllers of G94 graphics processors.
    – Improved driver-level fan control support for integrated PWM controllers of G94 graphics processors. Now RivaTuner can be used for switching between driver-level automatic and driver-level direct fan control modes on GeForce 9600GT series.
  6. Improved RV6xx graphics processors family support. With this version RivaTuner continues tradition of providing workarounds for bugs existing in fan controller calibration routines of many reference AMD HD 38×0 BIOS images. The list of new workarounds and enhancements includes:- Extended list of tweakable automatic fan speed control rule parameters for RV6xx fan controllers. Now besides editing previously available thermal lookup and temperature transfer formula parameters RivaTuner also allows editing parameters of RV6xx fan controller’s acoustic management system. Acoustic management related parameters include PWM hysteresis and PWM ramp settings, which are also improperly calibrated in certain AMD HD 38×0 BIOS images.
    – Now RivaTuner forcibly resets fan controller’s PWM hysteresis settings when adjusting fan speed in fixed mode. This enhancement provides fine fan speed adjustment in fixed fan speed mode instead of stepwise fan speed adjustment mode on the systems affected by erroneously programmed PWM hysteresis.
    – Changed representation format for temperature transfer function’s T slope parameter. Now the parameter is displayed and edited in percents instead of PWM ticks to simplify transfer formula readability.
  7. Minor UI changes and improvements.

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