CHW 09/04/2006

BFG Ageia PhysX

Ya salió, ahora TRATA de comprarla…

El sitio Overclockers.CO.UK tiene en su poder para la venta el hardware de operaciones físicas BFG Ageia PhysX Accelerator.

Están en versiones Retail (sólo pre-orden) y OEM (sólo targeta, en stock) a más o menos $320 dólores, o sea, unos $200.000 pesos Chilenos aproximadamente.

Las especificaciones: (En cursiva las del RETAIL)

– Explosions that cause dust and collateral debris
– Characters with complex, jointed geometries for more life-like motion and interaction
– Spectacular new weapons with unpredictable effects
– Cloth that drapes and tears the way you expect it to
– Lush foliage that sways naturally when brushed against
– Dense smoke & fog that billow around objects in motion
– Processor: AGEIA PhysX
– Memory Interface: 128-bit GDDR3
– Memory Capacity: 128MB
– Peak Instruction Bandwidth: 20 Billion/sec
– Sphere-Sphere Collisions: 530 Million/sec max
– Convex-Convex (Complex Collisions): 533,000/sec max
– Software Included: BFG PhysX Drivers, BFG PhysX Demo DVD
– LIFETIME Manufacturer Warranty (Contact BFG representative on 001 866 234 3499 for warranty services)
– 24/7 Email Manufacturer Support (http://www.bfgtech.credux.html)

Precio OEM: £164.95 (£193.82 Including VAT at 17.5%)
Precio RETAIL: £184.95 (£217.32 Including VAT at 17.5%)

Fuente: Overclokers.CO.UK Catalog