Nuevas memorias DDR2 Mushkin


Mushkin anuncio nuevas memorias DDR2 de alta velocidad y con latencias apretadas, tanto en 1gb como 2gb, ideal para overclockeros y jugadores.

[u]Mushkin Announces New XP2-5300-DDR2 3-3-3-10[/u]

Denver, CO, January 13, 2006- Today Mushkin is pleased to announce our Xtreme Performance XP2-5300 3-3-3-10 modules. Immediately available at http://www.mushkin.c in 512MB and 1024MB modules, both as single 240-pin DIMM’s and in dual pack configurations. These modules are intended to provide the highest performance option for Intel DDR-2 motherboard applications, and eventually for AMD socket AM2 when released later this year.

Mushkin’s commitment to providing our end-users with the fastest memory options has pushed us to develop these high-performance DDR-2 memory modules in an effort to keep up with the reputation of our HP and XP DDR-1 product lineups. “Through our extensive testing of DDR-2 IC’s, we have found a great addition to our XP2 product lineup and we’re sure our customers will be immensely satisfied with this product,” says Brian Flood, head of Mushkin’s product development.

The Mushkin XP2-5300 will be available as the following models:

991509- 512MB XP2-5300 DDR2 3-3-3
991510- 1GB XP2-5300 DDR2 3-3-3
991511- 1GB XP2-5300 DDR2 3-3-3 DUAL PACK (2X512MB)
991512- 2GB XP2-5300 DDR2 3-3-3 DUAL PACK (2X1GB)

By using latencies of 3-3-3-10 Mushkin is able to fill the gap between higher latency DDR-2 and the low latency performance PC end-users desire. Low latency is beneficial today for improved system and gaming performance. Mushkin’s Xtreme Performance memory series represents our fastest product group, offering both our highest speed/frequencies, but also our most overclockable parts. Power users and Gamers will be provided with one of the best low-latency production modules currently available, at a value we feel is unmatched. Overclockers should be similarly happy with the headroom these parts provide. Mushkin is very excited to be launching this part and look forward to the response from our end-users. Look for these memory modules to hit all major resellers, including, by the end of January.

[u]About Mushkin, Inc.[/u]
Mushkin, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado has been operating its enhanced memory and components e-commerce site since 1994. It was one of the first “boutique” computer e-stores on the web. Mushkin offers the fastest and most reliable memory available to consumers today.
For more information about Mushkin and its enhanced memory products, contact: Communications Department, Mushkin, Inc., 333 West Colfax Avenue Suite 400, Denver, Colorado, USA, 80204. Telephone is 800-569-1868; FAX is 303-534-0827. Visit Mushkin at http://www.mushkin.c.