CHW 18/11/2005

Mushkin anuncia Redline 2gb

Mushkin anuncio un nuevo modelo de su serie Redline, las Redline 2gb. A diferencia del modelo de 1gb que tenia chips UTT a 2-2-2-5 PC4000, estas traen latencias 3-3-2-8 a 250mhz.

[u]Mushkin Press Release[/u]

Today, Mushkin is pleased to announce an addition to the highly acclaimed REDLINE Series. Having recognized power users’ and PC gamers’ need for more than 1GB of system ram, Mushkin is seeking to put forth some of the best 2GB kits for our end users so they may maximize their system performance. Mushkin 2GB XP4000 REDLINE are 2x1GB dual channel kits designed for operation at 250MHz with relatively tight timings of 3-3-2-8(Cas 3, trcd 3, trp 2, and tras 8). Operating at a nominal voltage of 2.6-2.9V, these kits break away from the previous mold of REDLINE modules that required high voltage for rated specification. Additionally, users can enjoy rated performance on both Intel and AMD platforms given appropriate motherboard, and platform variables; something we hope will please Intel users that were often unable to maximize our previous REDLINE modules.