En qué afecta el cambio en Apple a Linux

Ayer estuvimos cubriendo minuto a minuto lo que pasaba en con Steve Jobs en la WWDC. Por si ayer llegó un meteorito a tu casa y te dejó sin Internet, te contamos que Apple se va a cambiar a Intel. Obviamente la noticia no dejó a nadie indiferente, y ya se han empezado a hacer varios análisis al respecto. ¿Qué va a significar esto en la industria de la informática? ¿Cómo va a cambiar el panorama?

John C. Dvorak, por ejemplo, hace el siguiente análisis en MarketWatch:

Microsoft will be affected because of this new competitor and the possibility that people will more readily switch to the Mac. But it seems that Linux has the most to lose. Linux was the only X86 alternative to Microsoft and now it has both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to contend with — two “last man standing” types.

Eugenia Loli-Queru, en tanto, escribe en OSNews:

With Apple able to provide well-priced x86 Macs AND giving the re-assurance to these users that can also run x86 Linux there, it makes them way more likely not only to buy an Apple PC as their next upgrade, but perhaps eventually to ditch Linux altogether! So, it’s not only that the Linux adoption might see a decline, but I expect many current Linux dekstop users will move full time to OSX.

Y la cosa sigue. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols publica en eWeek:

So now Linux desktop vendors need to get their act together in a hurry if they’re going to make anything of their chance. If the Linux community wants to play a major role on the desktop, it needs to get products out now that can challenge the Mac OS X desktop.

Uno de los pocos que no está tan de acuerdo es Rajan Rishyakaran, quien comenta en OSNews:

As such, Mac OS X would continue to be doomed to be the operating system for a shrinking, in terms of market share, market. Unlike Linux, it is unlikely much corporations would mass-deploy Macs starting June 6, 2005 for non-design related uses. Hardly anyone that wouldn’t forking out for today’s Macs would fork out for Macs next year. Having a better user interface than Linux would make not much of a difference.

Las opiniones son diversas, pero muchas tienen un denominador común: que el más perjudicado parece ser Linux.